Friday, August 14, 2009

In the Spirit of the Moment - Tina's Wild Ride

Now it will be Tina's turn to kill me; but again, I couldn't resist. This was taken with the same camera a couple of years later than yesterday's post (September 2008 to be exact). We were waiting for the Tea Cups ride to start and I was taking some pictures of Evie as this was her first time. This was one of Christie's favorite rides, so of course she wanted to introduce her daughter to it. In retrospect, I'm not sure Evie felt the same thrill Christie did (and still does), as a then-22 month old baby probably doesn't have the same inclination to the pleasures of sustained, self-induced vertigo and nausea as an older child would. And so it was this night, but Evie was game to go again the next evening, so maybe it worked. Regardless, the look of absolute joy in Christie's face during this inaugural ride was worth it.

It was at this calm-before-the-spin that Tina got silly and threw herself into this pose of whirling abandon. It so impressed one of our friends that she had the image imprinted on a mug and gave it to Tina for her birthday. It really is a classic silly photo.


  1. I love that shot. The perfect Disneyland picture. Tina at her most dramatic!