Monday, December 21, 2009

Reprise: Whirly-Bird Roost

Well, I was going to post an image of White Knight Two today, but Aviation Week and Space Technology just published their annual photography issue and I got an honorable mention. So I thought I'd jump for joy and reprise the entry that made the cut. Yes, of the ten images I submitted, the pigeon beat them all! For those of you who get the magazine, it is on page 70. For those who don't, I will post the link momentarily. I do want to add that three other pictures of mine made the final round, too. I will link those as well.

I feel very pleased, proud and fortunate to be able to make the finals with any pictures at all, much less get one published. There were 1,213 images submitted from 157 photographers from around the world, many of them full-time pros. There are some incredible shots there and I encourage you to check them out.

On the other hand, I can't help but laugh. To think that that silly pigeon - another one of those "oh, what-the-heck" last second additions to the submission list that I seem to make every time I enter - would make the cut over so many others, strikes me as hilarious. All I can think of is the judges must have wanted some levity in the proceedings. But an honorable mention is an honorable mention and I'll take it gladly.

As in most contests, there are a couple of photos that bring a "WTF-over?!" response. I do have some subversive satisfaction in knowing that I probably have one of them for this year and hundreds of readers are scratching their heads at this very moment saying "why?"

We should all be so lucky.

The links to the specific images are (for the pigeon):

The other links are:

The link to the overall photo contest gallery is:

The link to the issue is (subscription required for full entry):

I recommend cut and paste to your browser. That should make it easier.

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