Friday, February 12, 2010

Comparisons - Part 2

It seems to be a universal truth that parents find Mohawk hairstyles cute on their kids. After all, there's not all that much one can do with short, baby-fine hair. Plus it is a time honored way of getting really good blackmail pictures to keep unruly teens in line or embarrass them in front of their dates. Whatever the impetus, it keeps recurring down through the generations.

The photo above was taken of me back in early 1955. Mom seems pleased with her bouncing baby boy, but I don't look particularly happy in that shot. I probably saw my reflection in the mirror and was horrified by the hair style that graced my dome.

But of course, I blithely helped perpetuate the injustice in 1975 on my poor, unsuspecting daughter, below. Christie was probably a couple of months older than I was in the first photo. She was a very happy baby, too, as can be seen here. Actually, her mother loved the Kewpie-doll hair more that I did, but I have to confess, Christie was pretty darn cute in it.

And now we come to 2007 and a new generation of incriminating photos. Christie decided Evie needed to try the style out in turn. Unfortunately, she looks like a punk rocker more than a Kewpie Doll - and not at all convinced this was a very good idea. Still, you gotta love it. I'm looking forward to seeing my next grandchild sporting a Mohawk, at least for a picture or two.

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