Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Classic PT

Derived from the Ryan ST-3KR, the PT-22 was a classic pre-World War II primary trainer design. While not as sleek looking as the original Ryan ST and ST-A, those with their in-line Menasco engines and streamline pants and spats on the landing gear and wheels, the PT-22 still made for a very pretty image.

That was also a very colorful era for U.S. military aircraft, as this example shows. Some schemes in that time frame included a bright blue fuselage to go with the chrome yellow wings, or a deep Army green fuselage.

I happen to like polished metal as it provides ample opportunity for artsy reflections and close-ups, as seen below. Reflections are fun to shoot and the resulting abstractions make for some cool images, especially when attached to attractive 1930s "streamline moderne" designs. There is something about the sensuous curves and lines of the planes, trains and cars of the era that really appeals to me.

More on that later.

This PT-22 was shot at the 2010 March ARB open house.

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