Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life of Riley - Part Deux

Some animals really know how to relax. Cats, for instance. Or dogs. Let's add kangaroos to the list.

It was warm that day at the L.A. Zoo, but not a real scorcher like we can get in the middle of summer. Nevertheless, warmth and nothing much to do except look at tourists gets...tiring. So what's a reasonable 'Roo to do? Why, catch some 'zees' of course. Wouldn't you?
There are some advantages to being near the top of the food chain, having no serious predators in your home habitat or being in a decent zoo and that is the ability to totally relax and let your guard down. Humans, for the most part, are terribly spoiled in this regard. There was a time when all-night watches were posted to keep the small clans and family units safe. We tend to forget that these days as our watchers are more removed from us.

But they are there. Police patrols and firemen on ready alert are the most local of those defenses. The military is the more distant, but still critical protector. At least in this country. Some countries are not as fortunate.

Something to remember in the dog days and hot nights of summer as we try to relax and beat the heat. There are always watchers - sometimes for better or worse - but there are always watchers.

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