Friday, August 20, 2010


The sub-genre of fantastical war machines and their alien pilots is a fertile ground for modelers inclined to that aspect of the hobby. Science Fiction and Fantasy are huge draws, especially for the folks that specialize in figures. It's not hard to see why.

This vignette was done by the same young man that did the Kraken. Obviously the quality of the Kraken was no fluke: the guy is an extremely talented and imaginative modeler. As you may note in some of the photos this effort caught the fancy of a magazine who offered him a chance to write an article about his creation for publication - and payment. Not too shabby.

I thought the use of lights was particularly well done in this piece. Note the translucent frontal areas of the alien which seem to suggest fluid-filled cavities swimming with weird internal organs. The glowing exhaust spheres of the hovering body/vehicle are well done as well. Again, like the Kraken, the stance of the figure is very natural looking. I think a sub-title of this entry could be "stopping to smell the (alien) flowers."

It will be most interesting to see what actually won in this competition and how close I came to picking the winning entries.

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