Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sabre Dance

Like their Mustang, North American Aviation's F-86 Sabre was a classic beauty with gorgeous lines. One can get lost in the curves and flows of the body and canopy as the light plays off the polished metal surfaces. It is a dance of white on a silver body; a pas de deux that I find endlessly entrancing.

Here is an overall shot of the Sabre, below. Even simple documentary shots cannot fail to show the beauty of the design. They are even more striking in the air.


  1. All these dark, shiny surfaces are very Darth Vader. Are you in your shoot-like-Star-Wars phase or is it just the available lighting?

  2. It's available light, but I'm choosing exposures that give me the moodier atmosphere. So yes, I guess I am in my Darth Vader phase (cue the respirator noise).