Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow in Burbank

We interrupt our CONA coverage to proclaim "Snow in Burbank"...well, sort of. It mainly hailed and sleeted. If there was snow, and I think there probably was somewhere in the Valley, it was brief. But memorable.

The upper shot was taken at Camera Craft in North Hollywood, where I was when it hit. That's Kevin's car and you can see a nice accumulation building up. Some cars passing on the street looked positively wintery.

This shot was the door to the Camera Craft. Slushy ice was building up.

This was the scene a couple hours earlier along Victory Blvd near Alameda in Burbank (right in from of Burbank House of Hobbies). I grabbed a quick snap with my small Pentax that I keep in the car. The two shots at Camera Craft were with the same camera.

I got this shot on the way home from Camera Craft. It's along Olive about two blocks West of Buena Vista and looking to the Northeast at the Verdugo Mountains. You can see the snow reaches nearly to the base of the Verdugos.

When I got home I grabbed by Canon 40D and shot the Verdugos from our front yard. That's them peeking through the trees.

A telephoto of the Verdugos from our front yard.

The sun was setting but I thought I'd grab a quick shot of the grass in our lawn. The remnants of slushy snow can be seen.

It was certainly a memorable day. Ironically Tina is in Colorado Springs visiting the kids and grandkids. It was sunny and warmer there than here. She will be back before the storm here gets there. Some people have all the timing. Still, I'm glad I got to see it once. Now it can warm up. It's flippin' cold outside!


  1. Snow in Burbank! Isn't that the first sign of the Apocalypse?

  2. No. That would be the Chicago Cubs winning a World Series.