Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eoin's Pacific Plunge

Christie, Mike and Evie brought Eoin out for his first West Coast visit. Naturally that meant a day at the beach and introducing Eoin to the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. As you can see, it was an overcast day at Zuma and the surf was large and intense from a storm surge coming from New Zealand way. No one was allowed too far out, but that didn't stop Christie from dipping Eoin's toes in the water, much to his delight - a distinct difference from his sister's response a few years ago.

Interestingly enough, the visit was more for my daughter than her kids, for however much Christie loves Colorado, she does miss the ocean. It's one of those indefinable longings, although I suppose it's logical upon examination. She was born out here and the ocean was part of her early memories, even though she never went to the beach much. Neither did I, but I have the same feelings. I would miss the ocean if it wasn't within an hour's drive.

Even more than that, I suspect it wouldn't be the same for me if it wasn't the California coast, too. My uncle once told me that he didn't like the East coast because the ocean was on the wrong side of the shore. I know what he meant, although ironically he was born in Oklahoma and moved out here when he was six or seven.

In the end I guess some people adjust easily to new surroundings and feel at home quickly. Others, like me, don't and long for familiarity. It's not that I don't like other places. I love Colorado, too, and have found that many areas around the country have great cities and/or places to visit, all with their own special appeals to my soul. But I feel at home here, in California, and especially in Burbank.

There is some irony in that, too, because I grew up in north Redondo Beach. I really loved it there and missed it when I moved away. But after not living there for so many years, it changed - so much I hardly recognize some parts of it, even though there are many parts that have remained essentially the same. But I find that it's not what it was to me. So my ties there are tenuous now.

Burbank is now my home and I feel very, very comfortable here. And the ocean, which still calls, is within easy reach. As are the mountains and the golden, oak-studded rolling hills that I also love. I'm just glad Tina likes it here, too. Then again, unlike living in Arlington Heights, near Chicago, she doesn't have to turn blue from the cold seven months out the the year, so what's not to like, eh?

One last parting shot of the day at the beach, with Evie showing her little brother how to play in the sand. It was a fun day! More to come from their wonderful visit, which ended today.

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