Monday, June 8, 2009

Chasing the Moon - Kissing Camels

The Garden of the Gods is this marvelous outcropping of red rock near the foot of Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs. Indians considered it sacred ground and the white man was simply amazed by the tall, fin-like formations. Along the ridge of one fin is this window. The combination of opening and ridge line gave rise to the name "Kissing Camels." A bluff overlooks the Northeastern corner of the Garden of the Gods. There are several homes along the edge of the bluff that have nice views of the red rocks. One woman who lived there was so enamored with the Kissing Camels she used to shine a spotlight on the formation at night.

This particular morning the moon was very much visible in that quarter of the sky. By carefully walking along the many trails in the Garden I was able to position the Moon just above the Kissing Camels. I thought about getting the Moon in the window, but its size ruled that out. Still, I was quite happy with the results.

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