Monday, June 22, 2009

"El Dorado" - Arches National Park, Utah

El Dorado, the fabled lost city of gold, drove the Spaniards into the inhospitable desert in search of its gleaming walls and hoards of treasure. Alas for them, it was a myth of their own greedy minds. Many died in it the futile quest for its discovery.

Happily for us, we found our own version of the lost city in Arches National Park, Utah. I shot this when we were there last year, as the waning light bathed the Windows section of the park in glowing golden hues.

When Tina saw this image that night on the computer, her imagination ran rampant. She saw the weary Conquistadors gazing upon this sight and in their fevered minds seeing the object of their desire, only to pursue it to their deaths under a blazing sun and Indian arrows.

Did I say her imagination ran wild? Regardless, we now call this image "El Dorado," and she used it as the basis for her oil painting of the same name. You can see it on her blog at

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