Wednesday, September 23, 2009

High School Eden

Returning to the scene of the Ring Cycle paint-out, one of the things I eluded to in the previous posts was the beauty of the Maranatha High School campus. Here are a couple of photos of the grounds to show what we saw. I'm not sure if it was a central "quad" area or just one of the pathways through the school, but it sure was pretty. I mean, how many campuses have multiple waterfalls and Koi?

All in all, not a bad way to matriculate. I wonder if the students have a hard time concentrating because of the beauty or if they are so jaded by the atmosphere they don't even see it anymore? Judging from the angst in my teenage years, my guess is for the most part, daily life overtakes the scenery. Then again, if you're depressed by grades or classes or teachers or dating, a little serenity might help you get through it all.

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  1. With its dramatic lighting and those fluffy pine branches, that middle picture looks more like a painting than a photograph. The koi obviously know the best places for an afternoon nap.