Thursday, January 21, 2010

Comparisons - Part 1

The sense of Deja' Vu that I mentioned previously is heightened by the inevitable pull of genetics. There is a reason I feel as if I've been there, done that before. The natural comparisons between parent and child are more magical for me now as a grandparent because I can see the lines and appreciate them more than when I was a child or a parent myself.

I keep telling Mike that Evie looks so much like Christie at about the same age. While I've shown that previously, it is interesting to follow Evie's growth to see how much she remains in that image. At certain angles I see Mike's traits, but more often than not I see Christie's, probably because I'm more attuned to her features and more willing to see them in Evie. But I don't think it's all wishful thinking - the resemblance is unnerving at times.

The shot below of Christie was taken at about the same age as Evie in the top photo this past December. It's there, and I continue to marvel at it.

On the other hand, I'm seeing a departure from what I looked like. I do see flashes of me in Evie occasionally, but they are becoming less apparent to me the older she gets. She is definitely her mother's child, and her daddy's as well. Grampa's traits are starting to fade rapidly, but not unhappily so.

The photo below is of me at about the same age as Evie, perhaps a couple of months older. Maybe it's the black and white photo combined with the costume, but I look more Asian in this shot than I think I've ever looked before or since. I wonder if that trend made my dad sad? He was the parent, after all, and not the grandparent.

That is Dorlinda beside me. Didn't we clean up well? It's especially interesting when compared to some of the other photos of me from that age where I look like a refugee from the 1930s Dust Bowl. I'll post those sometime later.

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