Monday, January 11, 2010

Holiday Memories - Part 2

One of the things that most struck me this visit was how Evie began to look. I mean that in a physical presence sort of way, not mere appearance. Personalities begin to emerge in posture, body language and attitude. It is a clear sign of growing up, or at least becoming more comfortable with physical movement and all the things that go along with that.

These two shots capture something of what I mean. The above pose strikes me as very "adult." That whole stance is one that I can easily imagine most any person assuming all the way from her age to very elderly. That is not a baby-ish way of carrying one's self.

The photo on the bottom is very silly, but strikes me as almost dancer-like in the pose. It's probably not surprising as Christie has enrolled Evie in a dance class. But she obviously is not reticent about taking that position - at least not when in class. Having an audience is a different matter altogether!

Regardless, they are both signs of a passing from toddler to child. The changes come rapidly, almost too rapidly. It is good we can take photos of those moments to freeze them in time, lest we forget how precious they are.

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