Sunday, January 29, 2012

In the Kitchen With Evie

Tina enjoys baking. Whether because of that or from other influences, Christie and Mike also enjoy baking. Personally I enjoy eating their baking, but beyond that I'm pleased to report that Evie seems to be following the family tradition.

While we were back there for the holidays Mike, Christie and Tina decided sugar cookies would be nice to have for New Year's Eve. Tina and Mike made the dough and let it chill. I ended up rolling out the dough and Evie helped me use the cookie cutters to make a large quantity of festive shapes. As can be seen in the first photo, Tina then showed Evie how to make the frosting.

Evie wanted color sprinkles on the cookies, so she took charge and began the decorating process.

"Sprinkling" consisted of pouring a bunch into her hand and dumping them onto the cookies.

As can be expected, she went through quite a bit of sprinkles. A lot ended up on the cookies, but a lot ended up on the counter.

Those, of course, were free for the sampling. I'm not sure if that was the ultimate plan or not, but it worked out that way. She was a happy camper and buzzed around the house for hours afterwords. The final product can be seen below. Not a bad looking batch, and they tasted pretty good, too, for sugar cookies. The fun and memories were priceless!

This was my first use of the new flash I bought for my Canon camera. I'd been unhappy with my old one as I found that it tended to blow out images with the light, even if used in a fill mode. A piece of tissue really helped, but looked really cheesy. Not exactly a professional-looking solution. The new flash has a flip-down diffuser panel that softens the light. I was quite happy with the results of both the cookies and the photos.

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