Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pas de Deux

December was a very busy month. End of the year orders as various persons of note retired made for very, very long work days. It also made it imperative that I take two weeks off at the end of the year just to recover from the 12-14 hour shifts, not including travel time.

While we did get some rest, we also spent ten days in Colorado Springs visiting Christie and Mike and the grandkids. It was tons of fun, but not totally restful as you can imagine. We did have a few days to relax at home before work started up again, but then it was another mad rush as the lingering retirees-to-be had their parties in January. As before, the bulk of the farewell gifts were made by our shop.

Needless to say I've not had much time to write. But I have had some time to reflect on the visit and the rapidly growing Miss Evelyn.

I have always been struck by the similarity between Christie and her daughter in their physical appearances at the same relative ages. It is unnerving to me, sometimes, to see how close they are. Genetics will do that for you, I know, but it is truly a case of deja' vu all over again for me.

Case in point is the two photos in this post, the first a screen capture from a video I shot of Evie, the other from an unknown pro doing Christie's class pictures. Both were about the same age when the images were taken, and both involve dance. Yes, the hair styles are different and Evie is in practice garb and Christie is in performance costume, but the likeness in their faces and forms is staggering. It never ceases to amaze me.

Evie has also become much more confident in her speech and attitude in the last few months. She will also tell you that she is now all grown up and is going to marry one of her classmates. Interestingly enough, the boy in question knows about these plans and so far has not distanced himself from the arrangement. Since neither one of them has gone through the "girls/boys are icky" stage, I'm reasonably confident we'll not be attending nuptials anytime soon.

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