Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lilies for Georgia

A must see venue in Sante Fe, New Mexico, is the Georgia O'Keefe Museum. I've always liked her work, but it wasn't until I saw her actual paintings on our first visit eleven years ago that I became a fan. Tina is attending the Oil Painters of America national convention in Sante Fe this week, so we again visited the museum. Thus fortified, we then we started gallery hopping.
The Verve Gallery had these lilies in their space to compliment their photography show. As we were contemplating the photos on display and in their backstock (Don Kirby has some marvelous work there) Tina decided she wanted some grab-shots of the lilies so she could try her interpretation of O'Keefe's style as practice. After asking permission to take some quickie shots (always important to ask "mother-may-I" in a gallery), I used our old cheapie Canon A-80 PowerShot and took a couple of angles. I liked the results, so here is my homage to the marvelous Ms Georgia.

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