Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pacific Beach Sunset - California Central Coast

I shot the image above several years ago. It was the end of a long day with a lot of hazy, yucky weather coming down from Carmel along HWY 1. We reached this spot below Pacific Beach. It's near the last bend before getting to Gorda, where you can no longer see the multiple headlands looking North. Tina suggested we stop as she thought something interesting might develop. It did, producing one of the best sunset pictures I've managed to capture. Tina was so inspired by it that she's done two oil paintings based on this image. You can see them by visiting her blog at Yes, that is a shameless plug. But well worth the visit.


  1. I love this image, and the painting Tina made from it. Maybe you guys should post them side by side. 8-]

  2. This is an amazing image Tony! Thank goodness Tina had you stop. I am glad you jumped into the blog pool, it will be very interesting to keep up with both. Thanks for stopping by at Descanso, as always it's a pleasure to visit.