Saturday, March 13, 2010

Down Unna Hornet Burn

So much for increased regularity. The computers are still temperamental and not talking to each other well. We'll need to call the geek out again. Oh, well....

At least I have my airplanes. The neat thing about a Red Flag is the opportunity to shoot foreign air forces on U.S. soil. Not just the occasional one or two that may pop up at a local open house, but a squadron's strength worth of airplanes. In this case airplanes from three RAAF squadrons were mixed together to form the travel unit. This one has just lit his afterburner (reheat in British parlance) and is starting his take-off roll. It was another "Aaaaahhh!" moment at the Nellis EOR.

I love the smell of JP-5 in the smells like - airplanes!

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