Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Talon Roost

We're slowly but surely getting the new computer up to speed. I finally managed to get the email contacts and folders transferred over, along with my Firefox favorites. Life is getting better.

I shot this T-38 in the (relatively) new sunshades at Edwards AFB during the recent ISAP convention. Normally I don't like sunshades because aircraft look better in sunlight. But I can certainly understand the desire of the maintenance crews to avoid working in the hot sun of the high desert.

So, like photographers the world over, you make do. Or as one person said, if life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.

There is an interesting quality to the light and reflections in the series of photos I did that day. Even the shades themselves produce interesting patterns and shapes that add texture to the images. But it seems to work better in tight shots like this. While not the best for documentary work, they do give the creative juices a stir. All in all, it was fun and worthwhile.

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