Monday, March 8, 2010

Red Flag Eagle

Well, that was a long haitus. Sorry about that, but we got a new computer and the connectivity issues between the old machine and the new were many and are not quite resolved yet...but we're getting there. Add to that my five days in Las Vegas for the International Society of Aviation Photography convention and I'm really behind in posting. But the good thing is I have lots of new airplane photos, of which I'll be posting several over the next few days - I hope. The computer geek comes by tomorrow to finish the job - again, I hope - so I should be good to go after that.

Regardless, this is a shot of a 65th Aggressor Squadron F-15 Eagle in a beautiful sand and brown camouflage. I normally don't get that excited about Eagles, but this scheme and the blue one worn by the 65th birds look so cool!

Yes, we got to shoot a Red Flag as part of the convention. As I've mentioned before, a Flag encompasses the most intense action outside of an actual war zone. The Aggressors, including the Eagle here, were getting ready to launch during the exercise, along with the multitudes of Blue Forces that would fly against them. It was almost a solid two hours of choreographed movement punctuated by fire and thunder. Yes, it was heaven.

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