Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lend Me Your Ears

Another 5-generational tradition in our family is Disneyland. I was less than a year old when it opened. Some of my earliest memories are of visiting that new park. The spooky trees in the Snow White ride scared me. I loved the Jungle Cruise, and still do. I think I know most of the bad puns by heart.

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, we started taking Christie to Disneyland when she was about two or three. She has loved the place ever since and has made it her mission to imbue that love into her own daughter.

It seems to be working. Evie is getting much better about the rides. The first time was very difficult. Last Christmas was better - she loved the teacups and carousels. This trip was the best so far. She actually let us take her on many of our favorite rides, but seemed to have an issue with the noise levels. She spent most of Buzz Lightyear and Pirates with her hands over her ears. She spent nearly all of the Jungle Cruise with her ears covered and crouched below the gunwales of the boat. She really didn't see much of anything on that ride, not even the backside of water.

But she did have a good time and Christie and she decided to celebrate by showing off their mouse ears. They make a lovely pair. Evie was so enamored of hers that she insisted on sleeping with them many times during their stay. Christie got a great shot of her curled up on her futon, one hand rubbing her bare tummy and clutching her stuffed sleepy bear while sucking on her other thumb - all the while wearing the ears. It was very cute.

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