Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Righting of the Universe

Well...that was a longer hiatus than I intended. As you may have guessed, life, as they say, happened. But in a good sense. The kids and granddaughter came out for a long visit and then we had several busy days after they left. Then San Diego beckoned when Yosemite fell through, so more days were spent enjoying life and away from the blog.

But we are back and full of new photos, so hopefully I'll have some time to post a few of them for your viewing pleasure.

One of the great things about watching kids grow up is introducing them to new adventures. Taking Evie to her first major league baseball game was one of them.

It was also a time to put the universe back in alignment - at least from my perspective. Christie posted a photo of Evie a while back showing her in a Red Sox tee shirt. Being a life-long Dodgers fan, that was a rude shock - although it could've been worse: it could've been a Giants or Yankees shirt!

Be that as it may, I vowed to get that girl a proper baseball shirt, namely an L.A. Dodgers one. I'm happy to say Mission Accomplished.

Of course, we'll see how long or how often she gets to wear it - clearly someone related to her in Colorado Springs is a Red Sox fan.

Actually, she'll end up wearing a Broncos jersey more than the Dodgers or Red Sox, or so I believe. Which is okay with me. As L.A. has no current pro football team she can root for the locals. But at least for one brief moment the torch has been passed. My grandfather used to listen to the Dodgers all the time, so I grew up with Vin Scully and Jerry Doggett on the radio every summer for years. My first attended Dodgers game was at Dodgers Stadium in 1962. I had just turned 8. Ironically, Don Drysdale beat the Milwaukee Braves 8-0. I remember it well.

And so I introduced Christie to Dodgers baseball when she was young and now I've passed the tradition on to Evie. In many ways, the line from Field of Dreams is so true: "The one constant through all the years...has been baseball." And so it has.

It's nice to keep some traditions alive.

And yes, the Dodgers won - 6-4 over the Detroit Tigers. Go Blue!

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