Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunset Constellation

The Flightpath Museum at the old Imperial Terminal on the south side of LAX had a neat display of vintage commercial aircraft during the 100th anniversary of flight on December 17, 2003. Among the collection of airliners was this elegant triple-tail Lockheed Constellation. The Connie was one of the most beautiful aircraft ever designed, in my mind. Fortunately a few still grace the skies, reminding us of the glamorous age of air travel in the 1950s.

I was fortunate enough to get on the field to shoot departures of several of the classic airliners that day. While watching the aircraft take-off, I turned around in time to see the Connie wending its way down the southernmost taxiway to the end of the runway. The sunset behind it gave the sky a golden hue that silhouetted the airplane beautifully. It looked almost like a sepia-toned photograph. With the sparse towers in the background, you could squint your eyes and imagine yourself back in the 1950s when the field was full of Connies and Stratocruisers, Electras and Sevens. It was a nice interlude, and a wonderful way to end the 100th anniversary of flight.

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  1. Nice picture and lovely commentary. If you squint just right, California looks so much better. :-)