Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Ultimate Boy Toy

I realized later that I had forgotten Michael Collins in my Apollo Haiku series, so I rectified that oversight and composed one for him, the Saturn V launch vehicle and the Lunar Rover. As with the other Apollo pictures, I shot the Rover at the Kennedy Space Center in 2002. I still get a kick out of seeing videos of the astronauts doing rooster-tails in the Lunar dust. Boys and their toys....


Alone and Watchful,
I Go From Shadow to Light
In Lunar Orbit.

Saturn V

Majestic and Proud,
I Lift on Pillars of Flame
The Dreams of Mankind.


Driving on the Moon,
Doing Wheelies in the Dust,
An Astronaut's Dream.

1 comment:

  1. I like the Rover one. But what about "Doing donuts in the dust"? I love alliteration.

    When I was going to grad school at UAH (early 80's), one of the prototypes for the rover sat on a bed of gravel in the lobby of the Research Institute (aka the computer sciences building). It turns out they did most of the design engineering for it here in Huntsville. The rover disappeared when they refurbed the building. Don't know whether it went to the Space and Rocket Center, to the Smithsonian or to someone's garage.